Property Alterations in a Conservation Area.

Property alterations in a Conservation Area may involve some elements which you had not considered. To make sure that you are not in breach of any of these elements it is best to check the North Yorkshire Council's Conservation page where there is further information and a contact email address to ask if you are in doubt.

North Yorkshire Council is the authority for planning applications

What powers do Marske and New Forest Parish Council have with respect to planning applications?

The parish council are consulted by the relevant planning authority. Any views expressed by the parish council will be taken into account by the planning authority before a decision is made, providing the points made are relevant to the determination of a planning application.

The final decision is made by the Planning Authority NOT the Parish Council.

Marske and New Forest Parish Council will only comment on what are known as 'Material Considerations'. Issues such as boundary disputed between neighbours or loss of views will not be considered.

The Parish Council can only comment on planning applications in the same way that individuals can comment.

Parish Council can only agree to comment on planning applications in properly called council or committee meetings which the public can attend. (exceptional circumstances can be taken into consideration)

Valid Reasons for comment on a Planning Application:

  • Central government policy & guidance - Acts, circulars, planning policy guidance notes (PPG's)
  • Development Plan - and any review of the Development Plan which is underway
  • Adopted supplementary guidance - for example, village design statements, conservation area appraisals, car parking standards
  • Replies from statutory and non statutory agencies (Environment Agency, Highways Authority)
  • Representations from others - neighbours, amenity groups, interested parties in relation to land use matters
  • Effects on the area - Character, infrastructure, density, over-development, layout, position, design and external appearance of buildings and landscaping
  • Safeguard resources - Farmland or mineral reserves
  • Highway safety issues - Traffic, road capacity, access, visibility, car parking, effects on pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Public Services - drainage and water supply
  • Public proposals for using the same land
  • Effects on individual buildings - overlooking, loss of light, overshadowing, visual intrusion, noise, disturbance and smell
  • Specially designated area or building - green belt, conservation area, listed buildings, ancient monuments and special scientific interest
  • Effects on existing tree cover & hedgerows
  • Nature Conservation - Badgers, newts
  • Public Rights of Way
  • Flooding or Pollution
  • Planning history - appeal decisions
  • Retain or promote certain uses - playing fields, village amentities
  • Need for the development - petrol station, shop, hotel
  • Prevention of Crime and disorder
  • Hazardous substances directly associated with the development
  • Human Rights Act
  • Precedent - danger proposal would inevitably lead to other inappropriate development 
Irrelevant reasons for objection
  • Loss of private view
  • Speculation over future use
  • Unfair competition
  • Boundary disputes
  • Devaluation of property
  • Developers motives, record or reputation



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